City Lights — Luka Korba #15 ; Friday, 28th of January, 2022 — Hive

Coffee #2

Another coffee;
Think my ego’s out of fuel.
To ignore what it is saying
would be mean and would be cruel.
Co-existence and acceptance
are the building blocks of freedom.
I’m in love with all my traumas now
and that’s because I see them.

The Point of No Return

I’m in the heart of the city, where the bright lights glow.
The bars are now back open, but that much you already know.
If you fail to listen, well, you might just miss
the subtlety between hell and heaven’s bliss.

The hardest things to witness are the most surreal;
The more the pain resurfaces, the quicker that you heal.
“We’ve reached the point of no return!” is what they always say,
but if you talk to anybody, everything’s okay.

Deliver us from selfishness, oh Lord, I pray.
Resistance is the reason things we hate do stay.
To stray and to awaken is the same damn thing.
There’s truth and there are lessons in the feelings both bring.

A Fisherman’s Rod

It’s time for me to be a poet; Time for me say
what’s on my mind and have no fear that I will go astray.
There’s no direction that I’m heading in; No destiny.
When I’m connected to the now, I get the best of me.
Been meditating on the daily; I’ve been feeling whole.
My body’s density’s subsiding; I can feel my soul.
I’m on another kind of frequency; A higher state.
It’s totally possible that most of you cannot relate,
but that’s okay; I still have love for you, for we are one,
and we’re all capable of miracles; It can be done.
I opened up heart and took life into my own hands.
I’m no one special — You can do it too, just understand
that you don’t need to do a thing but just be true to you;
Let go of limiting beliefs and change your point of view.
I grew to newer heights I knew existed but outside of me,
and even though for years I preached about them in my poetry,
I never truly understood the power of the now.
See, anything is possible if you just allow
things to play out their part and if you open up your heart.
It’s time for me to be a poet; Time for me to start
believing in my artistry; Surrendering to God.
Like a fisherman, be patient; Have faith in my rod.

Much Love,

Originally published at on January 28, 2022.




Say Yes! to life and figure it out after!

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Luka Korba

Luka Korba

Say Yes! to life and figure it out after!

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